Who will win the 2016 presidential election

Who will win the 2016 presidential election

Which party will win the 2016 presidential election – Democrat or Republican? Which nominees are most likely to win? These are the questions that are floating around our minds now. Among the several potential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seem to make the headlines. I think Hillary Clinton would be a better candidate for president. Here are the reasons why.

  • Hillary Clinton is a rational thinker. She understands that crucial problems don’t have any simple and straight forward solution. She graduated from Yale Law School and is one of the most powerful lawyers in America. She is well qualified to be the next president of America.
  • She urged students to emphasize on education rather than fame. She encouraged students to study rather than spend the whole day on social networks clicking and liking.
  • She has put forward her concern about maternal and infant health. She promised to improve medical facilities, reduce the spread of HIV and decrease the rate of infant and maternal mortality rates.
  • She emphasized on women’s rights. She has made a strong stance for equal rights of women, reducing domestic violence against women and promoting women’s health.

Even though Hillary Clinton has some very good reasons to win the election, Donald Trump shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Trump has a very strong reputation and his ability to connect with the audience is amazing.  His brand is a huge back up for him. Well, to see finally who wins the race we will have to wait patiently for the next presidential election that will take place within months. Get ready to vote for your favorite candidate!


4 reasons why you need to visit New York City in 2016

4 reasons why you need to visit New York City in 2016

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. With so many attractions you must visit this city at some point in your life. Here are 4 reasons to visit New York City.


It is the heart of New York City. It is the home of Times Square, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and many more attractions. It’s a great place to walk around.


New York City offers an eclectic range of food options. The reason is that many cultures make up the New York City. So, the city offers tastes from all around the world. The different types of food satisfy any craving at any time of the day.

Culture and people

New York City has a rich culture. The people are very friendly and energetic. A number of movies like ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘Sex and the City’ have portrayed the lifestyle of the New York City. The city has a mixed culture. People from different nationalities live here. You will always learn new things from different people.


You will have some best shopping experiences here. You can go to New York Fashion Week to have a look at the latest trends. From vintage to modern shops, you will find every thing here.

You have all the reasons to have a vacation in the New York City. It’s a city full of life and fun. So, come and have an experience of a life time.

The best 3 restaurants in Washington DC

The best 3 restaurants in Washington DC

Washington DC was once known for overcooked steaks and wilted salads. But the scenario has changed. Now it has evolved into a paradise of food. Restaurants in Washington DC are now among the best in America. Here are the top 3 restaurants in Washington DC.

Rose’s Luxury


This restaurant was formed by Chef Aaron Silverman. Rose’s menu is a blend of Southern, Jewish, French, Japanese, Thai, and grandmother’s home cooking. The restaurant is always packed. The cocktail made with apple cider and brisket is very special. Other special menus include lychee salad, Silverman’s pork, Southern-style fried chicken with honey, etc. It’s a great place to hang out with your friends. However, it only allows reservation of 6 to 8 people only.



You will have an adventurous eating experience in this restaurant. There is a low-key dining room and you can view the kitchen. The chef uses unusual ingredients to make some awesome dishes. The restaurant is very small; only a group of four people can sit at a time.



This restaurant was opened in 2011 by Chef Fabio Trabocchi. Menus of this restaurant include Italian pastas, pappardelle with bolognese ragu, sea food. The bar has a number of cocktail menus. The restaurant is located between The White House and the Capitol. The restaurant’s ambience and sophisticated food is appreciated by politicians, diplomats and people of all walks of life.

These are very popular restaurants in Washington DC. If you ever go there you must dine at least once in these restaurants.